A New European week in pictures

Devika’s week as New Europeans Instagram resident.

Dat Verklaar en Beloof ik – That, I Believe and Promise

Results following our visit to the ceremony of becoming a Dutch citizen. Video by Elisa Grasso. Poem by Charlie Clemoes.

Craftsmanship and Europe – Week 10 Quote Explained

This week’s quote explained

Event Amsterdam

Seven Easy Blank Wall Solutions – Informal Opening

Join us for an informal opening of Seven Easy Blank Wall Solutions, a collaboration between Dina Danish and New Europeans Freja and Stefan

New Europe flags

In solidarity with asylum seekers

Hans Aarsman on the former French minister leaving court

Jerome Cahuzac, former French budget minister, leaves court after the first day of trial in his tax fraud case.

Open call for video submissions

Get your video message across to the EU officials!

Value for Money Amsterdam

Cube Chairs and Punk

Charlie discusses the link between his foray into furniture design and the effect of punk’s DIY ethic on electronic music

Value for Money Amsterdam

Furniture for Beginners

Charlie lays down the basic rules he followed in building his first piece of furniture

Playtime Amsterdam

Charlien’s Sketchbook

At the start of our project, we got a little present: a Moleskine engraved with the Europe by People logo.

Public Voting Session – The Result

Tessa reports on the outcome of Domenique’s voting session

Open Classroom #3: Babel

Event on 2 March 17.00-19.00u The third open classroom is about developing a common language for Europe.

Cthulhu – Week 9 Picture Explained

Charlie explains the picture used for week 9

Eurowine #3 – Yeast, Europe, and Economics

Charlie discusses the link between the yeast in Domeniques Eurowine and the economy

Eurowine #2 – Swedish Moonshine and the EU flag

Charlie explains the connections between Swedish moonshine and the EU flag, borne out by Domeniques Eurowine

Eurowine #1 – An Introduction

Charlie introduces Domenique’s Eurowine

Vote for our next artistic intervention

What art project should New European Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries work on next? Come vote on February 26!

Umberto Eco: “A sexual revolution can make us all ‘European’”

Paolo explains Umberto Eco’s vision of how to create a collective European identity

Hans Aarsman on the Calais Jungle

Poetry The Sudanese neighbourhood in the Calais Jungle, France, 14 January 2016, Photo: Maximilian Clarke / Demotix

Yanko Tsvetkov’s Atlas of Prejudice – Interview

We spoke to the artist behind the Atlas of Prejudice a collection of maps based on the limitless prejudices that pervade our society

New Europeans Handbook

In case you were wondering what titles such as Deeply emotional or Making Histories mean, we have some answers.

Super Diversity Amsterdam

Raimond Wouda on his project ‘School’

The bell rings, its break time. Students rush out of classrooms, stairs get clogged and every corner of the building is being seized by groups of youngsters chatting, laughing and eating their sandwiches. These are images of high school still engraved in my memory. Photographer Raimond Wouda captured these very moments in his exhibition School, […]

Hans Aarsman on Ahmed Merabet

One year later Plaque unveiled at Boulevard Richard Lenoir in honour of policeman Ahmed Merabet, killed by gunfire during the attack on Charlie Hebdo, Paris, 5 January 2016, photo Benoit Tessier / AFP

Blackboard Prophesies #1

The first in a series plotting the various prophesies provided on the blackboard at the test site.

Reframing Borders Talk – Review

Liza reflects on last Thursday’s Reframing Borders talk at Pakhuis de Zwijger

Value for Money Amsterdam

Democracy in Europe Debate, Live from Berlin – Review

Charlie reviews the Democracy in Europe debate, which we screened at the Wall last Monday

Event Playtime Amsterdam

Open Classroom #2 & Opening Exhibition Raimond Wouda

In our second open classroom on 19 February we’ll reflect on the topic of (alternative) education in Europe. In addition we will celebrate the new exhibition of photographer Raimond Wouda at the Wall, which touches upon the same topic.