Stories Jul05 2016, London

New Europeans: Hitherto and Hereafter

We reflect on the last six months and sketch some vague plans for the future of this website

Stories Jun16 2016, Amsterdam

Hortus Europa: The final plants

Last week we’ve planted the last plants in Hortus Europa. Learn more about their stories.

Stories May25 2016, Amsterdam

Hans Aarsman on the Pope washing Refugees’ feet

Your feet Pope Francis washes the feet of migrants, Castelnuevo di Porto refugee center, Rome, 24 March 2016, photo Epa / handout Ossevatore Romano

Stories May15 2016, Amsterdam

Conversations with Fanon, Part 1

Wael begins his dialogue with Fanon by relaying the obstacles to realising his immigrant startup

Stories May13 2016, Amsterdam

Upcoming project: souvenirs

Read more about this project and see if you can add your story!

Making Histories Stories May12 2016, Amsterdam

Arena Cake

Stefan’s new project examines public space and creates a new forum at The Wall

Stories May03 2016, Amsterdam

Goddess Europa

The Tolerance Zone for Contradiction has morphed into Goddess Europa

Stories Apr26 2016, Amsterdam

New plants, new stories

This week we received the first personal stories about plants from visitors and admirers of Hortus Europa.

Stories Apr22 2016, Amsterdam

Hans Aarsman on Neanderthals

A bit of a shock The genetic lines of the Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens did cross three times, Neanderthal Museum in Krapina, Croatia, 18 March 2016, photo Nikola Solic / Reuters