Opinion Playtime Jan22 2016, Amsterdam

Open Classroom #1: Searching for a New European Symbolism

– The Open Classroom is fully booked! – This will be the first in a series of open classrooms hosted by the New Europeans project aimed at rethinking the symbols that represent Europe. For our opening classroom we are very fortunate to have Dr Russell Foster from the European Studies department at the University of Amsterdam […]

Opinion Playtime Jan20 2016, Amsterdam

Dining Out at the Witte Boei Community Restaurant

On Monday evening, three of us went to the neighbourhood restaurant at the Witte Boei community centre on the Eastern Islands, to make friends and enjoy the delicious Turkish food on offer

Film screening: Die Welt + Q&A with director Alex Pitstra

Dutch director Alex Pitstra’s debut, Die Welt, is the first in a series of films and documentaries exploring the complexities of what it is to be an European – old and new.

Opinion Playtime Jan16 2016, Amsterdam

Housewarming at The Wall

The New Europeans are throwing a housewarming party and everyone is invited at Marineterrein Amsterdam!

Opinion Super Diversity Jan15 2016, Amsterdam

The Problem with Border Protection

As a recent article by Benoît Breville shows, EU leaders’ talk of building more border protection fails to question their necessity

Prospects for Trans-European housing activism

Dan Hancox’s Guardian article on gentrification hints at a growing Trans-European fight for better housing

Making Histories Opinion Dec17 2015, Liverpool/London

Major arts prize goes to young collective of community builders

For the first time a collective of non-artists wins the Turner Prize. Assemble’s architectural work is about designing the social good.