Opinion Nov15 2017, Cardiff

There Is No Right Time

Many young people think the rise of automation is a political issue of the future. The few that think of automation as an issue for the population now, think that optimisation of capital is something so deeply rooted to be a battle to be fought now.

Opinion Jun21 2016, Amsterdam

Can a house fit in a hut? Or the other way around

On the differences between a House and a Hut. Including an interview with Taja Vovk van Gaal, the Academic Project Leader of the House of European History.

Opinion Jun13 2016, Amsterdam

The Hut of European Identity: some context

What is Europe? Can we search for the roots of a European identity in a myriad of conflicts and struggles?

Opinion Jun07 2016, Amsterdam

Narrating Syria, Part 2: Contesting the Narrative

Charlie continues his series of “Narrating Syria” articles, moving on to discuss European responsibility for instability in the region

Opinion Jun04 2016, Amsterdam

Narrating Syria, Part 1: Abandoning the Mainstream Narrative

Charlie begins the first in a series of articles derived from his talk at New Europeans “Narrating Syria” event

Opinion May22 2016, Amsterdam

Caution: Dead end

Devika Partiman on Calais. Short video by Elisa Grasso.

Opinion May18 2016, Amsterdam

A Flag Dialogue, part 2: Debt in Everyday Speech

Charlie continues his discussion of the ideas behind the flags recently raised at the wall, this time explaining their use of everyday language

Opinion May17 2016, Amsterdam

A Flag Dialogue, part 1: A Brief History of Debt

Charlie discusses the meaning behind the flags recently raised at the wall, relating the connection between the flags and the Greek Debt Crisis

Opinion May04 2016, Amsterdam

Justifying Brexit

A few justifications for the British people’s desire to leave the European Union