Making Histories

Making Histories Stories May12 2016,
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Arena Cake

Stefan’s new project examines public space and creates a new forum at The Wall

Making Histories Apr22 2016, Amsterdam

David Bade’s Frieze of Our Time – Interview

In the past week artist David Bade has begun work on a decorative relief at the New Europeans site. Charlie spent some time talking to him on Monday as he was finishing up for the day.

Making Histories Apr20 2016, Amsterdam

World War Two Today: An Interview with Roger Cremers

We talked with photographer Rogers Cremers about World War II Today.

Deeply Emotional Making Histories Apr12 2016, Amsterdam

The first 5 plants

Last week we planted the first plants in Hortus Europa. While the plants grow in the garden, you will find the stories that accompany them here on our website. In what ways do we, as Europeans, relate to nature? In an attempt to find an answer I will collect different stories about nature: myths and […]

Vrijheidsmaaltijd (Freedom Meal): Vrijheid en de Koloniën

— English below — Terwijl wij op 5 mei 1945 bevrijd werden van onze bezetter, waren wijzelf nog bezetter van andere delen van de wereld. Eet mee met Vrijheidsmaaltijd ‘Vrijheid in de Koloniën’ en ga in gesprek over de verborgen Europese koloniale geschiedenis van bezetting, bevrijding en migratie. Wist je bijvoorbeeld dat Indonesië nog tot […]

Making Histories Mar30 2016, Amsterdam

Henk Wildschut – Video

A closer look at everyday life in the refugee camp of Calais

Making Histories Mar24 2016, Amsterdam

Hans Aarsman on teargas in the parliament of Kosovo

Chemical toilet A cloud of teargas interrupts a voting session in the parliament of Kosovo. Pristina, 19 February 2016, photo Armend Nimani

Making Histories Super Diversity Mar21 2016, Amsterdam

Henk Wildschut — Interview

We spoke to artist Henk Wildschut about his remarkable body of work on the refugee camp in Calais, France

Making Histories Mar21 2016, Amsterdam

Gedoogzone voor Tegenspraak / Tolerance Zone for Contradiction

New Europeans have decided to extend a helping hand to all those who want to protest but do not know how, when, where, or why. Join the Tolerance Zone for Contradiction