Deeply Emotional

On the Need and Necessity of Artists

Charlien and Tessa went to Brussels to attend the literary seminar Need and Necessity organized by the international house of literature Passa Porta. Read, watch and listen to their experiences.

Deeply Emotional Value for Money Apr18 2016, Amsterdam

Failure by Results, Success by Every Other Measure

Charlie on the successful New Europeans’ Break Out Session at the Night of Philosophy

Deeply Emotional Apr15 2016, Amsterdam

Is this what you *really* want?

Charlie gives an explanation of our weekly quote, our billboard and the flags at our site

Deeply Emotional Making Histories Apr12 2016, Amsterdam

The first 5 plants

Last week we planted the first plants in Hortus Europa. While the plants grow in the garden, you will find the stories that accompany them here on our website. In what ways do we, as Europeans, relate to nature? In an attempt to find an answer I will collect different stories about nature: myths and […]

Deeply Emotional Super Diversity Mar24 2016, Amsterdam

Imagine – a work by Lieve Prins

We received a submission from our neighbour, artist Lieve Prins. She created a moving work dedicated to refugee children.

Deeply Emotional Mar22 2016, Amsterdam

Don’t hide, share your colors.

Our thoughts go out to the victims of the useless and brutal attacks in Brussels today.

Deeply Emotional Super Diversity Mar11 2016, Amsterdam

Dat Verklaar en Beloof ik – That, I Believe and Promise

Results following our visit to the ceremony of becoming a Dutch citizen. Video by Elisa Grasso. Poem by Charlie Clemoes.

Deeply Emotional Playtime Mar10 2016, Amsterdam

Craftsmanship and Europe – Week 10 Quote Explained

This week’s quote explained

Deeply Emotional Super Diversity Mar09 2016, Amsterdam

New Europe flags

In solidarity with asylum seekers