Owen Tanner
, London

Dean Blunt – A Look Inside A Musical Outsider

European Echo’s biggest Dean Blunt fans, Owen Tanner and Peter Riddell, discuss their favourites from his discography – often seen as a struggle to navigate – in order to shine a light on the mysterious, compelling and prolific artist, and show that there’s something in there for everyone.

, Cardiff

Proportional Parties PT1: Jessie Belters and Blue Honey

In the first of a series of interviews about club representation in Europe, Owen Tanner talks to Andy Richards, who runs Blue Honey Cafe, a venue which hosts queer-friendly nights and women only DJ nights, and Jessie Belters, a DJ and promoter from Cardiff who runs Women, Wax and Digital Tracks, an all-female DJ showcase at Blue Honey, and Doppler.

, Cardiff

There Is No Right Time

Many young people think the rise of automation is a political issue of the future. The few that think of automation as an issue for the population now, think that optimisation of capital is something so deeply rooted to be a battle to be fought now.

, Leeds

New Editors’ Statement

Owen Tanner and Jim Clemoes discuss exciting new changes to European Echo in their new roles as joint editors-in-chief.