Currently speaking from Amsterdam, but with a manifestly European mindset, this is a blog that aims to discuss things from a more trans-national but also more local perspective. Due to the things that are presently immediate to its contributors, the subjects at the moment are art, architecture, politics and society, but they could always change to become more specific (surely not more general!). The vague overarching aim, impossible to fulfil, is to counter national frameworks and contribute a more nuanced idea of where we come from, acknowledging that our identities are produced globally yet secreted locally. For the moment, though, it’s just about shining a light on interesting things, hopefully in an interesting way.



Charlie Clemoes


Charlien Adriaenssens
Wael el-Allouche
Stefan Auberg
Anna Berkhof
Andreea Breazu
Devika Gauri
Elisa Grasso
Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries
Freja Kir
Mark Minkjan
Paolo Patelli
Radna Rumping
Liza Saris
Georgie Sinclair
Jake Soule
Tessa de Vries



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