Europe Nov14 2017, Leeds

New Editors’ Statement

Dear Readers

As some of you may have noticed, European Echo is now under new management, with Charlie Clemoes in Amsterdam transferring responsibility for the website to his brother Jim Clemoes and friend Owen Tanner in the UK. We hope to bring some new European perspectives and rejuvenate the website with new diverse content, while keeping in the original spirit of everyday curiosity and international openness.

With new management comes change, and we think that this is something our readers will be excited about. Much of our editorial focus will be shifting towards looking at perspectives on traditionally accelerationist subjects: ecology, immigration, technology, automation, and so on. We expect these subjects to resonate with many previous readers as well as bring new readers to our magazine. Our aim with these topics is to relate them to the daily lives of young people. This is because they are often discussed in a distant and abstract way which does little to inform people of their very real effects on their lives.

Alongside this, we are going to be releasing articles more regularly than the last few months. This hiatus period has been down to us getting our feet on the ground but from now on there should be more frequent and consistent content.

We are also welcoming a group of new contributors, including new writers from Germany, Wales, Luxembourg, England, Belgium and the Netherlands. We are hoping this will strengthen our magazine’s European identity and widen the scope of our readership.

As before, if you are interested in contributing to European Echo, either as a writer or in a senior role, please message the Facebook page.

We have chosen to remain a not-for-profit organisation.

We hope that you are as excited for this as we are.

Owen Tanner and Jim Clemoes