Audiovisual Apr14 2017, Amsterdam

Radio Echo w/ fanfare – PUB

Coming thick and fast,  this is the fifth episode of Radio Echo with fanfare, this time with Daniel Seemayer talking about Pub, an interdisciplinary initiative led by students at the Sandberg Instituut: comprising artists, writers, editors and designers who aim to structure and establish a publishing practice at the Instituut.

We’re in a bit of a jumbled order now since I’ve yet to publish the fourth episode’s second part (which will come out in advance of the next /b/channel event at fanfare). This decision is mainly so that this present recording could come out ahead of Pub’s event at fanfare, entitled “One Publishes to Find Comrades”.

Considering the discussion that’s about to follow, it’s a very appropriate title, since a lot of what we talked about is publishing’s continued role in establishing communities, a role that seems ever more pertinent in our current media climate.