Audiovisual Apr11 2017, Amsterdam

Radio Echo w/ fanfare – /b/channel #1 Nolwenn Salaun

For the fourth episode of Radio Echo with fanfare, it’s a conversation between European Echo editor Charlie Clemoes, co-founder of fanfare Freja Kir, and artist, designer as well as this year’s first participant in fanfare’s /b/channel series, Nolwenn Salaun.

The conversation took place a few days after Nolwenn’s performance at fanfare and the recording begins with Freja describing the idea behind the /b/channel format, then proceeding towards a specific discussion of Nolwenn’s own performance for /b/channel.

As with the last conversation with the Office for Workspace Studies, I’ve decided to split the episode into two parts, since the second half of our conversation moved on to a more general discussion of fanfare, so stay tuned for that.