Audiovisual Feb07 2017, Amsterdam

Radio Echo w/fanfare – Station to Station

For Echo Radio, this is the first in a series in association with fanfare, the design studio comprising Freja Kir and Lotte van de Hoef, in which I’ll be talking to the people who fanfare are exhibiting and collaborating with in the coming months, in a fairly unstructured and informal conversational format. This time, I’ll be talking to Bojana Panevska, who works at TransArtists (the Information centre for visual artists, artist-run initiatives and cultural institutions) and is editor of the associated magazine Station to Station.

Station to Station is a magazine that features research and reflections, in both text and audio, on the art world and art practice. This conversation has been timed in advance of the launch of Station to Station’s second issue at fanfare. In this episode, we mostly hover around conceptions of value, things that go unmentioned in art, whether artists can be independent and the ever obvious question of what even constitutes an artist.