Audiovisual Dec23 2016, Amsterdam

Buy & Create

For this, the first part of the third European Echo podcast, I spoke to artist Xavier Robles de Medina. Xavier and I met a few months ago and we’ve been in conversation about various things ever since. In this instance we talked about how people create through what they consume.

At the time of recording Xavier was preparing intensely for his first solo exhibition in NYC at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery on the LES, and was trying to balance finishing a book to coincide and build on the work in the solo. But he remained his usual lucid self. As such, this time I tried to steer things somewhat closer to Xavier’s own work, but we ended up focusing throughout the conversation (of which this broadcast is a small portion) on the creativity involved in buying and consuming things, trying to get to the bottom of what parallels we could find in the art world.

We do move things slowly, and imperceptibly to the subject of Xavier’s own work towards the second half but the whole conversation hovered around consumption. It gives a nice flavour of some of the things we tend to talk about.