Opinion Playtime Jan25 2016, Amsterdam

The Housewarming in Pictures

Thank you all for coming to the housewarming, our containers are now officially open to the public!

On Friday, 22 January, we were happy to welcome friends, neighbours and collaborators into our containers at Marineterrein. We took cover from the rain under the tent of the bar container, where we warmed up by the fire and enjoyed a hearty lentil soup, we showed you our office container where so many of you took interest in our flag reasearch and contributed at the drawing stationĀ (practice for the Open Classroom #1), and we danced to the borderless mix of DJ Schengen up in the glass container.

In the in-between moments we planted some garlic – a symbolic gesture conveying our intention to settle in. Why garlic? Because its properties and health benefits have been celebrated for millenia, it’s supposed to enjoy a deep winter sleep, and it will be tremendously fun to see it sprout in spring. Why not garlic? One has to start from somewhere.

Thanks to you, we have a new-found appreciation for our makeshift work spaces. Come again soon.

Below, a selection of images shot by Anna Berkhof.

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